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Our History

ÇAKIR METAL, 2004 from the advantage of being in the sector since been replaced existing infrastructure combined with modern machinery and a professional of experienced staff, technical birikimini evaluating the facade sector approach has realized a very exclusive project implementation and in the industry.

IZMIR / Menderes' 1,500 m2 and 1,000 m2 factory located in open space, with high manufacturing technology and experienced manufacturing team, structural silicone facade, covered facade, aluminum joinery, aluminum sheathing, iron construction, composite plate coating, the total annual 90,000 m2 of production serves.

Çakır Metal WINDOW AND SHUTTER in 2011 Winsa DOOR SYSTEMS Producer dealership has said continues to undertake production.
Projects and engineering services continues with the technical staff of experienced architects and engineers. Relieve are taken in accordance with the facade design optical instruments, 1/1-scale by analyzing the details are to be fabricated the entire manufacturing.

Experienced installation teams, experts still carries the installation of optical instruments and technological equipment with the management of technical personnel. ÇAKIR METAL inception to today, we follow all the technological advances, most economical, most functional and most aesthetic solution has the purpose to meet with customer satisfaction.

Our Vision - Our Mission

Total quality philosophy of taking forward its pioneering position in the region in the light of all of our stakeholders to meet expectations at the highest level and become one of the world's leading companies in our sector and our country.
ÇAKIR METAL, using resources efficiently, environmentally friendly, and open to development, offering quality products and services to customers, our country and works with the aim to become a leading company in the world.

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